XLL+ Class Library (7.0)



rtdhandles.h contains classes and functions that support the use of object handles in Excel add-in functions.


The table below lists the principal C++ object classes declared in the header file.

Class Description
HandleCache<T> Manages object handles in Excel.
PersistentHandleCache<T> Manages object handles in Excel, and allows the objects to be serialized to a persistent cache.
CHandleFormatter<T> The class which converts handles to and from their display text. Classes can be derived from CHandleFormatter in order to implement the developer's own custom formats.


The table below lists the principal global functions declared in the header file.

Function Description
CreateHandleInCache Puts an object into the handle cache, creates a handle for it, and returns the new handle.
CopyHandleInCache Increment the reference count of a handle already in the object cache.

A full list can be found here.

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