XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Matrix containers

The matrix argument of LinearInterp2D() was required to be an array of pointers to columns. It could have been different; it might have required:

If you need to, you can read the Excel input directly into any of these forms.

Specifying a different container

In the Matrix tab of the Argument Editor, you can use the Container drop-down to select a different container.

For example, if your core C/C++ expects a continuous single array of values, you can use the ple::mtx_flat<T> class. This class arranges its contents in a single array, so you can pass it directly to a function that expects data arranged in this way.

Or if you have a function that expects an existing matrix class, you can type the name into the Container field.

Specifying storage order

By default, matrices are stored with column as the inner dimension, so that an item can be addressed as X[row][column]. You can change this with the Layout combo on the Matrix tab of the Argument Editor.

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