XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Drop-down Value Lists

An argument which (i) has a Value List defined and (ii) has the setting Show list in Formula Wizard set will present a drop-down combo box in the Excel Formula Wizard.

The use of drop-down lists in the extended UI is managed by the classes in xlwizexui.h, in particular CXlWizExUIListProvider, and it's helper class CXlWizExUIArgumentListCreator. The XLL+ Function Wizard adds code to create a CXlWizExUIListProvider for each argument that supports a drop-down list.

The topics below contain more details about the use of Value Lists.

Value Lists Introduction to value lists.
A value list example A walkthrough showing how to add a value list to an add-in function.
Editing value lists Tips for working with value lists more effectively.
Dynamic lists How to change the contents of a value list at run-time.
Changing the keyboard behavior How to change which keys are assigned to actions in the Formula Wizard.

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