XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Microsoft Excel 4 Function Reference

It is becoming more difficult to get hold of the Microsoft Excel 4 Function Reference. However almost all of the necessary documentation can still be found in MSDN. Search MSDN using the search strings below to find it. (Make sure you retain the quotes.)

Search string Topic Version
"Microsoft Excel Macro Functions Contents" and "Listed by category" Macro function references for all Excel built-in functions, including macros. Excel 95.
"Converting C-API Add-Ins to 32-bit Microsoft Excel" Copies of the SDK files XLCALL.H and XLCALL32.LIB. Click on the link "Click to open or copy the CAPI project files" to extract the files. Excel 95.
"The Microsoft Excel Developer's Kit provides information for software" The last release of the SDK documentation. Excel 97.