XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

XLL+ Tools

XLL+ contains a number of tools to help you write fully-featured Excel add-ins.

XLL+ Function Wizard
The XLL+ Function Wizard is an add-in for Microsoft Developer Studio which lets you create and edit add-in functions. It generates all the code required for registering the function with Excel and for input & output of Excel data structures.
XLL+ AppWizard
The XLL+ AppWizard creates a new Developer Studio project, containing all the code required to build and register an Excel add-in XLL library.
Help Generator
The XLL+ Help Generator examines your source code, and use it to generate all the files of a Microsoft Help Project. Users can then see help for each of your functions from within any version of Excel.
Help Builder
This command line tool runs the XLL+ Help generator outside Visual Studio, and can therefor be used as part of an automated build.
XLL Wrapper Generator
This toolkit contains tools, a runtime library, samples and documentation to help with the development of COM modules and .NET assemblies that wrap Excel XLL add-ins. The add-in functions in the library are available as COM and .NET methods to client programs that use the wrapper modules. The wrapper objects can be used by clients written in any development environment that supports COM or .NET, including C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic and VBA.