XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


The table below lists the commands available from the XLL Add-ins window.

  Command Description
New Function Create a new add-in function.
New Macro Create a new macro add-in function.
Design Opens the Function Wizard or the Argument Details window to edit the currently selected function or argument.
Go To Function Moves the selection of the current document to the selected function.
Regenerate functions Regenerates all the C++ code for the selected functions.
Refresh Refreshes the XLL Add-ins window, by rereading the current C++ document.
Collapse All Hidden Regions Collapses any collapsible regions within generated code, for all functions in the current C++ document.
Preview Function Wizard Display a preview of the Excel Formula Wizard.
  Upgrade Project to XLL+ 7 Upgrades a project built with an earlier version of XLL+ or Visual Studio to XLL+ 7.
Add VersionInfo Function Inserts a standard Version Info add-in function, providing information about the XLL.
Set Up Debugging Sets up the debugger command line settings for the current build.
Import Assemblies Lets you import a .NET assembly and automatically create add-in functions from its methods.
Update Help Command line Updates the build settings for the help file.
Set Help IDs Sets a unique help ID for each add-in function in the current project.
  Ribbon Manager Opens the Ribbon Manager configuration file for the development computer.
  Manage Extensions Displays the XLL+ extensions options window.
  View Extensions Displays all currently loaded XLL+ extensions.
  Reload Extensions Reloads all currently loaded XLL+ extensions.
Export to XML Export function definitions as an XML file.
Favorite Arguments Opens the Favorite Arguments window.
Options Shows the Options dialog.
  About Shows the Help/About dialog.