XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Searches a resource file for a resource whose language best matches the language requested

LANGID ResFindLanguageForResourceA(
   HINSTANCE hinst,
   LPSTR lpszType,
   LPSTR lpszName,
   LANGID langidUser



Module handle of a resource file.


Resource type string, e.g. RT_STRING.


Resource name. This may be constructed from an integer ID using the MAKEINTRESOURCE(...) macro.


The language ID of the desired language. This can be formed using the MAKELANGID(...) macro, or found using LANGIDFROMLCID(GetThreadLocale()).

Return Value

The language ID of a particular resource in a language which best matches the language requested, if found. If no such resource is found, then the next best matching language ID is returned. If no match is found, then MAKELANGID(LANG_NEUTRAL, SUBLANG_NEUTRAL) is returned.


This function iterates through all the resources, of the specified type and name, in the resource file until it finds a resource in a language exactly matching langidUser. If no exact match is found then the first partial match (same language but a different sub-language) is returned.

This function is used by XllLoadString() and ResLoadString() to locate language-specific resources.


Header: xllres.h

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