XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Gets a string from a resource file in a particular language

BOOL ResGetStringFromStringTableA(
   HINSTANCE hinst,
   UINT uStringID,
   LANGID langid,
   CStringA& res



Module handle of a resource file.


Numeric resource string identifier.


The language ID of the desired language. This can be formed using the MAKELANGID(...) macro, or found using LANGIDFROMLCID(GetThreadLocale()).


If the function succeeds, the string will be loaded into this variable.

Return Value

TRUE if the function succeeds, FALSE if it fails. It will fail if the resource file handle is invalid, or if the resource cannot be found.


This function looks for a resource string in a specified language and sub-language, and fails if it cannot be found. It is therefore advisable to use this method only for strings which have been specifically located using ResFindLanguageForResource().


Header: xllres.h

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