XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Loads a string from the resource file, for a particular locale

BOOL XllLoadStringForLocaleA(
   UINT resid,
   LCID lcid,
   CStringA& str



Numeric resource string identifier.


The locale ID of the desired locale. This can be formed using the MAKELCID(...) macro, or found using GetThreadLocale().


If the function succeeds, the string will be loaded into this variable.

Return Value

TRUE if the function succeeds, FALSE if it fails. It will fail if the current resource file handle is invalid, or if the resource cannot be found.


The function searches for a string resource in the language implied by the locale. It is equivalent to calling:

XllLoadStringForLanguage(resid, LANGIDFROMLCID(lcid), str);


Header: xllres.h

See Also

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