XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Declares a translation between an exception type and an Excel error value

   LABEL exceptionType,
   XlErrorType xlerr



The type of exception to be translated, e.g. CXlConversionException. Note that the class name is not in quotes - it is a label, not a string.


An Excel error value to be returned to Excel. See Error value types for a full list of error codes.


This macro creates a XlExceptionTranslation structure, which can be used by CXllApp::ConvertTypeToError to translate an exception to an Excel error value.

If you use the XLEXCEPTION_TRANSLATION macro, you should ensure that your project has the Enable Run-time Type Info setting set to Yes (/GR). The setting can be found on the C/C++ - Language page of the project settings.

See Overriding exception-handling behavior in the User Guide for more information about this method.


Header: xlpexcept.h

See Also

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