XLL+ Class Library (7.0)



xlwizexui.h contains classes that extend the user interface (UI) of the Excel Formula Wizard. You can use these classes to add extra editing tools to the Formula Wizard, making for a more efficient user experience.

For an introduction to the Excel Formula Wizard extended user interface, see Extending the Excel Formula Wizard in the User Guide.


The table below lists the classes declared in the header file.

Class Description
CXlWizExUIListProvider A container for a list of value + description pairs, providing a "Value List", which can appear in a drop-down combo in the Formula Wizard.
CXlWizExUIPopupProviderBase The base class for a popup editor, providing a "..." button in the Formula Wizard, which can pop up a modal dialog.
CXlWizExUIFunctionDescriptor The definition of the extended UI elements of a single add-in function.
CXlWizExUIFunctionRegistry A registry of all functions that have an extended UI.
CXlWizExUIArgumentListCreator A simple class that creates and registers a drop-down value list for a single argument.
CXlWizExUIArgumentPopupCreator A simple class that creates and registers a popup editor for a single argument.