PRB: My project fails to build in a new version of Visual Studio

Reference: Q0059

Article last modified on 2-Jun-2016

The information in this article applies to:

  • XLL+ for Visual Studio 2010 - 7.0
  • XLL+ for Visual Studio 2012 - 7.0
  • XLL+ for Visual Studio 2013 - 7.0
  • XLL+ for Visual Studio 2015 - 7.0

After I move an XLL+ Project to an newer version of Visual Studio, it fails to build


When I open a project that was created using XLL+ with an older version of Visual Studio, there are numerous build errors.


You should run the XLL+ Upgrade Tool. This will upgrade the various settings and paths of your project so that it will build successfully under a new version of Visual Studio.

Detailed steps

  1. Open the XLL Add-ins tool-window (see Showing the XLL Add-ins window).

  2. Open a C++ source file (.cpp file) in your project.

  3. In the XLL Add-ins window use the Tools > Upgrade Project to XLL+ 7... menu command.

  4. Inspect the results reported by the Upgrade Wizard.

  5. Rebuild the project.