XLL+ Class Library (7.0)


Returns a pointer to the key mappings for an extended user interface type

   int nUiType



Pass XLWIZEXUI_UITYPE_LIST (1) to get the key mappings for drop-down lists, or XLWIZEXUI_UITYPE_POPUP (2) to get the key mappings for popup editors.

Return Value

Returns a pointer to a set of key mappings for an extended user interface type. Developers can change the members of the XLWIZEXUI_KEYMAPPING structure, to change the default key mappings for the extended UI.


The XLWIZEXUI_KEYMAPPING structure contains three members:

Type Name Description
WORD vk The virtual key code for the UI type. By default this is VK_DOWN for drop-down lists and VK_RETURN for popup editors.
WORD vkModifier The modifier key for the UI type, which must be one of 0, VK_SHIFT, VK_CONTROL or VK_MENU, indicating no modifier key, the shift key, the control key and the alt key respectively. By default this is 0 for drop-down lists and VK_MENU for popup editors.
int nBehavior The behavior for the key, as dscribed below. By default this is XLWIZEXUI_KEY_IF_NOT_REFERENCE for drop-down lists and XLWIZEXUI_KEY_ALWAYS for popup editors.

The following values may be used for nBehavior:

Value Description
XLWIZEXUI_KEY_NEVER The extended UI cannot be triggered by the keyboard; only the mouse can be used to invoke the UI.
XLWIZEXUI_KEY_IF_EMPTY The keyboard shortcut will only trigger the UI action if the field is currently empty.
XLWIZEXUI_KEY_IF_NOT_REFERENCE The keyboard shortcut will not trigger the UI action if the field contains a reference to a cell. It will only be triggered if the field contains a value.
XLWIZEXUI_KEY_NEVER The extended UI will be triggered by the keyboard regardless of the current contents of the field.


Header: xlwizexui.h

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