XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

What's New in Version 6.3

Version 6.3

XLL+ 6.3 brought some exciting new features, including:

Hidden regions

Almost all of the generated code is now surrounded by #pragma region blocks. This means that almost all of the implementation code for each add-in can be hidden, and you need only see the code that is interesting - the function signature and your own code.

XLL Wrapper Libraries

Sometimes it is useful to be able to call your Excel add-in functions from other environments, such as command-line programs or interactive applications, written in C++, Java, C# or Visual Basic.

The Xll Wrapper toolkit contains tools, a runtime library, samples and documentation to help with the development of COM modules and .NET assemblies that wrap Excel XLL add-ins.

The add-in functions in the library are available as COM and .NET methods to client programs that use the wrapper modules.

The wrapper objects can be used by clients written in any development environment that supports COM or .NET, including C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic and VBA.

Asynchronous functions

We've considerably improved the performance and scalability of the asynchronous function model. You can now place thousands of asynchronous functions in a spreadsheet without degrading performance.

Sample data feed application

We've added a new sample application which demonstrates how to integrate a data feed into an Excel add-in for high-performance real-time data add-in, written in C++, and which supports array real-time values as well as scalar values.

Portuguese language support

Help files can now be generated in any of three languages: English, French and now Portuguese.

Value Lists

The Value List Editor is now easier to use. You can copy and paste data to and from the dialog, so it's easy to edit lists in source code or in Excel, and paste them into the Value List Editor.

Version 6.2

Version 6.2 of XLL+ contained many major changes, see What's New in 6.2 for details.

Upward compatibility

For instructions on how to use the XLL+ Upgrade Wizard to port existing projects to XLL+ 6, please see the topic Upgrading from a previous version of XLL+.

Breaking changes

See Breaking changes for a list of changes that may affect code built with earlier versions of XLL+.

Change history

Refer to the Change history for full list of changes made over all XLL+ versions.