Planatech Solutions

At Planatech Solutions we focus on providing compact and intuitive solutions to the complicated and time-consuming problems that occur every day in technically challenging vertical sectors, such as the financial markets.

Our flagship product, XLL Plus, first went to market in 1997, and was designed to simplify the process of converting financial models written in C/C++ to instantly useable add-in functions in Excel, at the press of a button.

Since then we have released a number of other products and developed tools to address similarly complex problems. Whilst XLL Plus is used by most of the world's top ranking financial institutions, its powerful conversion routines have attracted clients, with equally complex problems, from the non-financial sector.

Our area of specialist knowledge is in interfaces: language to language; technology to technology; language to technology. A considerable amount of our own time is devoted to researching new developments in technology and expanding our knowledge of existing technologies, to be in a position to provide informed opinion on, and elegant, well-structured solutions to, highly complex technical and financial problems.

Our software is used in the world's major financial centres and centres of technical excellence. With bases in London UK and Queensland Australia, we also provide both on and off-site consultancy and development to clients world-wide.