XLL+ Class Library (7.0)

Overview of files

The XLL Plus library provides a number of C++ header files for use in writing Excel add-ins. The classes and definitions contained in the header files have been designed to simplify the use of Excel programming objects, but only a subset is needed by programmers building the standard run of add-in functions.

The table below summarises the C++ header files available in the library.

File Description
xllplus.h The core objects of the library.
xlldate.h Date classes and functions.
xlfuncs.h Classes containing static methods for calling Excel worksheet and macro functions.
xlpexcept.h Exception classes.
xlpevents.h Event classes.
xlpconvert.h Classes and functions that validate user input.
xlserialize.h Classes that support serialization and cacheing of Excel data types.
xlpcom.h Classes and functions for using Excel's OLE automation interface.
xllfinder.h A utility class for searching and replacing cells in Excel spreadsheets.
xldialog.h Classes for displaying and controlling Excel native dialogs.
xlpribbon.h Classes and enumerations to support the XLL+ ribbon implementation.
xlmenu.h A class for creating user-defined menus in Excel.
xltoolbar.h A class for creating user-defined toolbars in Excel.
xllres.h String resource functions.
plemtx.h Template classes for storing and manipulating two-dimensional data arrays.
xlhandle.h Classes and templates for storing C++ objects and accessing them from worksheet cells by their numeric "handle".
xlpclrconvert.h Functions that help with conversion to and from Common Language Runtime types.
xlpclrforms.h A class to help with invoking the Common Language Runtime Forms library.
cpplog.h A self-contained logging framework modelled on log4j and log4cxx.
xlvaluelistconstraint.h A constraint on an input value, such that it must be a member of a specific set of values.
xlwizexui.h Classes that extended the user interface of the Excel Formula Wizard.
xllrtdfeedserverproxy.h Classes that enable real-time data to be returned to Excel from add-in functions.
xlpfastit.h Classes that support fast iteration of Excel arrays.

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